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TORCH and TORTOISE Consulting LLC is a great courtesy public relations and creative design company specializing in the luxury lifestyle spheres based in New York. 


Founded by AYUKA MATSUMOTO, the company's primary focus is to offer client development and cultivate potential relationships with company and individual alongside PR and consulting services. Exercising our perfect high senses, we provide strategic expertise in the areas of public relations, events and creatives.


"TORCH" and "TORTOISE" mean "MATSU" and "KAME" in Japanese. It comes from the founder, Ayuka's last name, Matsumoto and her maiden name, Kametani. MATSU and KAME are said to be auspicious in Japan as a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Happy and prosperous to our clients through services by TORCH and TORTOISE Consulting.



TORCH and TORTOISE Consultingは、ニューヨークベースのラグジュアリーライフスタイルに特化したPRコンサルティング&デザインファームです。




TORCH(松明)とTORTOISE(亀)はファウンダーの旧姓と新姓から由来しており、幸福と繁栄の象徴である ”松”と”亀”が皆様に幸せをお届けできれば幸いです。



Please kindly contact us. お問い合わせはメールでご連絡くださいませ。

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